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  • 55%
    Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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  • 62%
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  • 72%
    Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Unions
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  • 15%
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
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  • 41%
    Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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  • 34%
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
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  • 25%
    Youth Friendly Services
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  • 23%
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  • 75%
    Maternal Mortality Prevention
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  • 55%
    Compassionate Delivery
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  • 10%
    Specialized Services for Gender Based Violence
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2017 – 23%
2022 – 23%
  • Deficient 0 - 40%
  • Limited 41 - 55%
  • Needs improvement 56 - 70%
  • Good 71 - 90%
  • Very good 91 - 100%
  • A woman’s right to safe abortion due to rape or incest should be added to the framework for legal abortion

    The Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health should remove the right to conscientious objection in relation to abortion from the Criminal Code and from any medical guidelines, establishing that conscientious objection infringes upon a patient’s right to legal medical treatment and allows service providers to impose their personal beliefs on patients. 

    The Ministry of Health should issue protocols, guidelines, or standards on ensuring access to legal abortion, including establishing referral networks, and information on providing safe abortion services to young people. 

Additional information
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Priority measures
  • Priority measure 42

    When abortion is legal or decriminalized in national legislation, ensure the availability of safe, good-quality abortion services for women undergoing unwanted and unaccepted pregnancies, and urge all other states to consider amending their laws, regulations, strategies, and public policies regarding the voluntary termination of pregnancy in order to protect the lives and health of women and adolescent girls, improve their quality of life, and reduce the number of abortions

  • Priority measure 40

    Eliminate preventable causes of maternal morbidity and mortality, incorporating into the set of integrated sexual health and reproductive health services measures to prevent and avoid unsafe abortion, including sexual health and reproductive health education, access to modern and effective contraceptive methods, counseling and comprehensive care in cases of unwanted and unaccepted pregnancy, as well as comprehensive post-abortion care when required, on the basis of a risk and harm reduction strategy