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  • 55%
    Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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  • 62%
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  • 72%
    Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Unions
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  • 15%
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
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  • 41%
    Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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  • 34%
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
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  • 25%
    Youth Friendly Services
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  • 75%
    Maternal Mortality Prevention
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  • 55%
    Compassionate Delivery
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  • 10%
    Specialized Services for Gender Based Violence
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Compassionate Delivery

2017 – 55%
2022 – 55%
  • Deficient 0 - 40%
  • Limited 41 - 55%
  • Needs improvement 56 - 70%
  • Good 71 - 90%
  • Very good 91 - 100%
  • The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice should determine a policy that respects and ensures women’s rights regarding their choice of a specific type of birth delivery and postpartum care, including the right to delivery with the nurse or midwife of their choice. 

    The Ministry of Health should develop a training program for medical personal with guidelines on providing humane delivery, childbirth, and postpartum care.

    To ensure quality of care, the Ministry of Health should implement a feedback mechanism for people who have received care during pregnancy or childbirth to rate the medical services they were provided with. 

Additional information
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Priority measures
  • Priority measure 45

    Formulate plans for strengthening mechanisms to detect problems during pregnancy, including the preconception stage, improve the quality of prenatal care and include an intercultural perspective, ensure the provision of safe blood for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care, and enhance humane care during labor and birth and comprehensive perinatal care, bearing in mind the needs of women, boys, girls, and families