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  • 58%
    Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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  • 46%
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  • 69%
    Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Unions
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  • 44%
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
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  • 48%
    Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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  • 58%
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
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  • 76%
    Youth Friendly Services
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  • 38%
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  • 78%
    Maternal Mortality Prevention
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  • 86%
    Compassionate Delivery
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  • 67%
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  • 65%
    Specialized Services for Gender Based Violence
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  • 29%
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2017 – 67%
2022 – 67%
  • Deficient 0 - 40%
  • Limited 41 - 55%
  • Needs improvement 56 - 70%
  • Good 71 - 90%
  • Very good 91 - 100%
  • Se recomienda que el Ministerio de Salud elimine el requerimiento de consentimiento de padre/madre/tutor para que menores de 16 años acceder pruebas y resultados de VIH, protegiendo la confidencialidad de y el derecho para acceder servicios de salud. El Ministerio de Salud se debe proporcionar la provisión de pruebas de VIH para todos independientemente de edad, orientación sexual, genero, empleo, raza, o cualquiera otra identidad.

Additional information
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Priority measures
  • Priority measure 39

    Strengthen measures to detect HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections in pregnant women and to prevent vertical transmission of the virus

  • Priority measure 38

    Promote the prevention and timely detection of, and guarantee universal access to comprehensive treatment for, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, and eliminate the stigma and discrimination often suffered by people living with the virus