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  • 84%
    Sexual and Reproductive Rights
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  • 52%
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  • 70%
    Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Unions
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  • 0%
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
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  • 30%
    Comprehensive Sexuality Education
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  • 75%
    Sexual and Reproductive Health Services
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  • 82%
    Youth Friendly Services
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  • 54%
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  • 75%
    Maternal Mortality Prevention
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  • 70%
    Compassionate Delivery
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  • 79%
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  • 55%
    Specialized Services for Gender Based Violence
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  • 68%
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2017 – 68%
2018 – 68%
  • Deficient 0 - 40%
  • Limited 41 - 55%
  • Needs improvement 56 - 70%
  • Good 71 - 90%
  • Very good 91 - 100%
  • Implementar un mecanismo formal que asegure la participación de la sociedad civil con la capacidad de hacer propuestas en la comisión multisectorial de seguimiento al Consenso de Montevideo. Dicho mecanismo permitirá facilitar la aplicación local de la Guía Operacional para la implementación del Consenso de Montevideo.

  • Implementar mecanismos para que las personas usuarias de servicios de salud sexual y reproductiva evalúen la atención que les fue brindada, y que estos mecanismos sean diferentes según la población atendida (adolescentes, población LGBT+, personas con discapacidad, mujeres adultas).
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Priority measures
  • Priority Measure 107

    Guarantee the effective participation of civil society and social movements in the implementation, oversight and appraisal of the Cairo Programme of Action beyond 2014, incorporating the measures agreed upon herein

  • Priority Measure 105

    Ensure sufficient financial resources and the mobilization of international cooperation resources for Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to expedite the implementation of the Cairo Programme of Action beyond 2014 and the measures agreed upon herein, putting in place at the same time clear and effective transparency and accountability mechanisms

  • Priority Measure 101

    Generate regional and national machineries to oversee the fulfilment of this regional agenda on population and development for Latin America and the Caribbean beyond 2014 and ensure its accountability

  • General Principles

    Recognize also that effective governance is based on accountability, broad participation, transparency and the rule of law, and that strengthening national and local governments is key to achieving the goals development, peace and security